Protect What You Love Most

what you love most

500lb & 1250lb Weight Capacity

500+ lbs. & 1250+ lbs.
weight & snow bearing capacity

Light Weight for Easy Opening

Light weight,
for easy opening & closing

5 & 10 Year Warranty

5 year warranty
on all parts & installation

Hinged for Easy Opening

for easy opening & closing

Serving Omaha Since 2017

Serving Omaha
& surrounding communities since 2017

Protect What You Love Most

Guardian Window Well Covers manufactures and installs heavy-duty, polycarbonite window well covers for basement egress windows.

Choose from rounded, rectangular, atrium, oversized, and custom style covers designed for long-lasting beauty and performance. Our window well covers use commercial and structural grade components, and have been 3rd party stress tested and rated to hold up to 500 lbs. of weight and 1250 lbs. of snow bearing capacity. Our products are made in the U.S.A., built to last, and backed by a 5-year warranty, giving you peace of mind to protect what you love most.

Benefits of Basement Egress Window Covers

Why do I need a cover for my basement window?

The #1 reason: Protection. Window well covers provide protection from injury for the people and pets you love most, giving you peace of mind. Additionally, window well covers keep unwanted things out - such as wildlife, leaves, trash and snow - making it easier to keep your landscaping beautiful and the view from your basement window more pleasing.

What is the building code for egress window covers in my area?

To be compliant with building codes, it is permitted and strongly recommended to have a window well cover. The cover must be easy to open from the inside or outside without the need for special knowledge or tools to get in or out. The homeowner is responsible for abiding by all applicable building codes for their area.

Will an egress window cover stop my basement from flooding?

Our window well covers are properly installed and designed to slope away from the house encouraging water to divert from your window well area. While we are not a waterproofing company, our window well covers do an excellent job keeping 95% of water out to help prevent potential water damage or backup.

Do window well covers keep children, pets and adults from falling in?

The high quality polycarbonate material used in Guardian Window Well Covers has been 3rd party tested for strength against weight. Our Entry Line series holds up under 125 lbs. of weight, and our Ultra Line series holds up to 500 lbs. weight (including 1250 lbs. of snow bearing capacity as well).

Check out our stress test video to watch how Guardian Window Well Covers hold up under pressure.

What building materials are best quality for basement egress window covers?
  • Polycarbonate with the UV and tint "infused" into the material itself, rather than "coated" which can wear off, fade or yellow over time.
  • Structural grade aluminum and commercial-grade hardware for durability and to prevent rust.

Using these superior materials are what make Guardian Window Well Covers very strong, yet lightweight. See our product features page for more details.

Why should I buy instead of build my own window well cover?

Often homeowners don't have access to the high quality materials needed to withstand the weight requirement and durability needed for adequate protection and prevention of deterioration over time.

DIY homeowners often struggle with improper fitment causing covers to shift or blow away under stress. Poor aesthetics design can detract from the beauty and curb appeal of your home.

Give yourself the confidence of knowing your window well covers have been custom made to perfectly fit your window wells and protect what you love most.

This is one project to do right the first time by making the investment in longevity and peace of mind with a Guardian Window Well Cover.

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